About Women Unleashed

Following her heart, Melanie Redecker van der Merwe ventured into interior design in 1994. Her background in Fine Arts combined with extensive experience in the hospitality industry gives her a practical, intuitive perspective on the interiors of lodges with an emphasis on the guest experience.

Infused with passion and dedication, Women Unleashed has grown into a respected interior design company which specializes in lodges, retail spaces, restaurants and much loved homes and spaces.
We are devoted to Namibia.

Our focus has always been on empowering people and respecting nature while creating beautiful spaces.

Honesty, loyalty and authenticity are the cornerstones of our success.


Mission Unleashed

We believe that every client is unique and therefore every project should be unique too. We achieve this by keeping our designs and products exclusive to one project, giving every space a singular identity.

Team Unleashed

We are fortunate to have an extended network of artists, artisans, designers and manufacturers around Namibia with whom we collaborate to realise our designs. We strive to empower every person we work with, to open them up to new ideas and to inspire them to keep growing.
Bespoke Interior Artist
Operational Support and Procurement
Project Coordinator and Designer
Site Support and Procurement