The Great Storm of Brains: 5 ways Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry is Inspired

Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Here at Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry we couldn’t agree more, which is why we spend a lot of energy on generating a plethora of ideas before we start designing a space.  In this article we’ll give you a glimpse into the Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry teams brainstorming process.  You’ll find out a little of how we pull inspiration from some of the most unlikely places and what works for us as we collaborate to create truly remarkable interior experiences.  Take a look at these 5 key aspects that we consider when we start brainstorming for a new interior installation:

#1: The History

Every building, whether brand new or over a hundred years old has a history to it.  For new builds, it’s the client and architects influence, their perspective on life and why this particular building is so important to them.

For older buildings, the history is etched into the fabric of the building, perhaps in architectural features, the wear of the building over time, or even street art that has become a part of the building.

The Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry team take time to really understand the history of every building we work with. 


Because that history is an important part of the character of the space. It’s what makes the space unique and is the essence of the design narrative.

#2: The Community

As we’ve mentioned before, no building exists in isolation and the community around it is as important to the design as the roof, windows, walls and doors.  The Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry team make a point of not making any assumptions about the community around a particular building.  Just because we’ve lived in Africa for years doesn’t mean we know everything about every community.  Taking the time to understand what the building will mean, currently means or used to mean to that particular community provides us with a feast of inspiration for the interior artistry of the space.

#3: The Vision

The Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry team is fortunate to work with incredible architects and clients who are excited to create remarkable interior experiences.  Often a client’s dream or passion for a project sparks its own inspiration.  Our portfolio page on our website is filled with projects where the client’s vision for the space empowered us to think differently, find new ways of doing things and create experiential interiors. 

Interestingly the way in which clients express their vision often differs dramatically.  Some clients have a clear design style, some have a vision of how they want the space to be used and other have imagined how they want people to feel in the space.

It is our job to bring all of these elements together as we design the interior for a new project.

#4: The Present

Many of the interiors the Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry team work in, have a current function or a current interior.  One of the aspects we work the hardest on is choosing what to keep and what to change.  Sometimes we re-purpose current items, giving them a new lease on life.  In one particular project 18-year-old chairs were re-upholstered to fit in with the new design and will be in use for years to come.  A lot of energy is spent ensuring that we keep what is important to the space so that the finished design has a level of comfort to it that is instantly recognisable but in a manner that creates positive conversation.

#5: The Future

The final aspect of any Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry new project brainstorm is what we want for the future of the building we are designing for.  This is where we use the quote from the beginning of this article, where we let our imaginations run wild.  We think about how the space will bring people together, how it will nourish the souls of those who visit, how it will be a platform for joy, a comfort, a friend to everyone who visits.

Once we have all of these aspects safely documented we begin to pull the interior artistry into shape.  Inevitably, along the way through our brainstorm process we’ve come across something unique about this building, or the community.  We’ve had a poignant conversation, an opportunity to reflect and we’re ready to get start creating something remarkable.