About us

Who we are

Women Unleashed is a collaborative Interior Design Artistry Hub where passion is partnered with a fierce attention to detail and an unwavering appetite for design perfection.

We work hard, but we also find great joy and fun in each project. Whether it’s a moment of camaraderie, implementing design humour intended to awaken future customers, or the deep satisfaction of a job well done the Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry team believe that the spark of passion we infuse into a project lasts a lifetime.

Our Founder

melanie redecker
Having studied Fine Art and Interior Décor in the USA and South Africa, Melanie began her working career in South Africa before moving back home to Namibia where she  managed various businesses in the hospitality industry

Following a traumatic life event Melanie moved to Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, where from humble beginnings and by serving a cup of coffee and having a friendly conversation with a client Women Unleashed embarked on their first project.
The Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry team adapts with each project we work with, utilising a core of experienced interior designers who manage a range of exceptional interior service providers tailored to each project

What We Believe

Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry believe passionately in two key aspects that drive everything we do.

The Power of Community

The first is the power of community artisans and craft people who spend hours pouring thought and emotion into the exquisitely crafted pieces they create.

The extensive network of artists, trade designers, materials and furniture specialists we work with are people we have built relationships with over many years. We have helped them to develop in terms of business skills and, in turn, they have taught us the deep intuitive knowledge only Africa has to offer.

Nature comes first

The second is our firm belief that humans need nature, and she always gets first priority.

This is evident in our blended interior artistry, where every project is assessed to understand which current pieces can be given a new lease on life, bringing a sense of history and grounding. Sustainably sourced and manufactured materials are foundational to every design and a signature of any Women Unleashed Interior.
These two fundamental elements of our work bring a personal and distinct design flavour to every project we implement.

How we work

Honesty, loyalty, authenticity and a passion for what we do are the cornerstones of the Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry success.

We believe in collaboration, which is why we create a unique team of design service providers for each project. Working together to deliver spectacular, turnkey results, on time and within budget is a vital element to each project we undertake.

Every project we work with has its own “muse” whether it’s a termite hill, a colour in the sand, or the way the sun reflects in a glass window. Each project provides inspiration for our team to enjoy the space, finding the fun and creativity that results in a fresh, sometimes playfully quirky one-of-a-kind installation.

The Women Unleashed Interior Design Artistry is matched with functional attention to detail that empowers lodge, restaurant and shop owners and staff to deliver a one-ok-a-kind customer experience.