Shipwreck Lodge

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Situated in one of the most isolated, mystical places in Namibia, Shipwreck Lodge is situated 60km north of Möwe Bay in the Skeleton Coast Park. We spent 14 glorious, life-changing days camping next to the Hoarusib River while installing the interiors of this world-class lodge.

The cabins are constructed from wood to mimic shipwrecked vessels and as such pushed our creativity to the max when creating the interiors. The outward-leaning walls made for interesting décor challenges and we had to really think outside the box for the blinds covering the huge windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The concept for the interiors is built around the history and legends of the area. We imagined the droves of ships that came to their end on this lonely, bone-strewn coastline. We envisioned the many items that might have washed ashore, to be utilised by the survivors in constructing a safe haven. The décor is therefore quite eclectic, drawing from different cultures and styles. Opulence and flotsam intermingle seamlessly to create a unique and enchanting guest experience.

Definitely rated as one of the most challenging, rewarding and exciting projects we have ever been part of.